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DrumQuik® Dispensing Systems

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DrumQuik® Dispensing Systems

DrumQuik dispensing systems allow virtually any container to be converted to a closed dispensing system, minimizing employee and environmental exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals. Closed systems also protect container contents and prevent contamination of sensitive fluids such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and sensitive food or consumable ingredients.  DrumQuik Closed Dispensing Systems

DrumQuik PRO

DrumQuik PRO systems create a closed transfer system for general chemicals. Rugged and cost-effective DrumQuik dispensing systems minimize chemical exposure and facilitate the delivery of chemicals from bulk transfer containers to end use applications. DrumQuik PRO Closed Dispensing System

DrumQuik PUR

For high purity applications DrumQuik PUR provides the assurance of chemical compatibility and cleanroom assembly for contamination prevention. All plastic construction prevents metallic contamination or corrosion and the disposable drum insert minimizes chemical exposure. DrumQuik PUR Closed Dispensing System

DrumQuik UDA

DrumQuik 3-Port Universal Dispensing Adaptors are specifically designed for end-user applications. The DrumQuik UDA allows safer connections to drums and IBCs but can also be used with containers such as Nalgene caps and jerry cans with cap-style closures. Universal Dispensing Adaptors are also the preferred solution in applications where a dip-tube will be re-used or moved between multiple containers. DrumQuik UDA 3-port Universal Dispense Adaptors

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Safe, easy and economic...

DEF Dispensing


Common Dispensing Methods

  • Open and Semi-Closed Dispensing Systems 
  • Closed Dispensing Systems

Millions of drums, IBCs and other containers are in use every day. From general laboratories to manufacturing companies to highly specialized chemical plants, millions of gallons of chemicals and liquids are poured and pumped. In different processes and applications users dispense container contents in many different ways, but they all fall into two categories: open/semi-closed dispensing systems or closed dispensing systems.

Sample Applications

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensing
  • Bioprocessing Chemical Management
  • Industrial and Commercial Laundry

Virtually any container or dispensing application can benefit from DrumQuik PRO, DrumQuik PUR or DrumQuik UDA dispensing systems. Here are just a few of the potential applications that can be made cleaner, faster and safer by using DrumQuik dispensing products.

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